Gilles Massé: Breathe new life into an aging market

UI/UX Design, Audit, Graphic Design

Gilles Massé redesign was created during a 5-week course about UI and UX in 2017. The course was about understand the importance of a design audit while redesigning a website.


The aim was to analyse Gilles Massé's website by studying its architecture, semantics, graphical aspect, user journey, and user experience in general.

Understanding the main problems and figuring out what users would need would allow us to design a better version.

Find users problems and needs to create a fitted solution and promote those high-end products

From father to son

Gilles Massé is an oyster producer from Marennes Oléron, which is well known for having the best oysters in France. He runs the family company with his son in Britanny and has to face rivalry between other producers.


Most of his clients are restaurant owners who already know him from word of mouth, and therefore never used the website. They call Gilles Massé's company by phone to purchase oysters and get delivered the next day or come to Marennes Oléron to pick them up.

Clients are often from the island, or sometimes from the rest of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The company has trouble dealing with reservations during Christmas time, when they have to manage a great number of deliveries. However, Gilles Massé's current website is only used to promote the company, its history, and the product.

We found out that the redesign of the website could allow the company to modernise its image to increase sales but also to simplify the order process.

Redesign is not only about modernising but thinking about functionnalities and current user needs.

UX Audit

We started by doing an UX Audit on the current website. We identified a great number of problems such as the lack of branding, the cognitive overload, the lack of coherence inside the navigation, the bad semantic and information hierarchy...


The aim of our new redesign was to promote reinsurance to increase fiability, modernise the user experience, improve the branding based on real values, and put forward Gilles Massé's products: oysters. We begun a total makeover of Gilles Massé's digital identity in order to reflect his true values such as authenticity and dynamism.

Authenticity, knowledge and expertise, professionalism

The result

As the homepage gives the first impression of the company, we transformed it into something more trendy. We built a new brand image using a lighter tone and humor. User can see the variety of oysters Gilles Massé offers, understand the savoir-faire and find inspiration for recipes. They can easily purchase "bourriches" of oysters online for their restaurants. The plateform will be able to forecast their needs and suggest a schedule of delivery.

You can check out this project on my Behance.

Project made with Léa Dubois