The Afterlife Cube: hear what the deads have to say

Interaction Design, Electronics, 2018

The Afterlife Cube was created during a 1-week intense workshop about electronics and Interaction Design at l'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique.


The aim was to design an interactive cube that would create commitment between the object and the user. After a massive brainstorming, we decided to focus on superstitions and fortune-telling, which is most of the time not magic but science. We wanted to put forward the mysterious atmosphere of divination often linked to thieves and lies.

The Afterlife Cube is an interactive ouija which will help you get in touch with your beloved deads. Only £2 per prophecy. But talking to the afterlife requires rituals. Insert a coin into the cube and grab the old handset.

Ask your question to Stephen Hawking, Michael Jackson or whoever you want to talk to. Connect your soul by touching each side of the cube and wait for the answer. The afterlife will talk to you by turning on the luminous letter.

How does it work?

The afterlife cube was created with a Particle Photon and a lot (A LOT) of sensors. We begun by creating the electronic part and then designing the proper cube. What is really funny is how the cube is lying to users. When you insert a coin, it calculates how much money you put: the more money you give, the more positive your prophecy will be.
To be honest, the cube isn't magic: it will give users a random prophecy from a list of 20, which is simple enough to answer any question. It works a bit like the 90's toy called The Magic Ball

If you want to find out more about the cube, the code or even make one yourself, check it out on Fab Labo

Project made with Mélodie Gléonec, Alexandre Gay and Clémence Delin.