Panorama: the future of education

UI/UX design, Data-visualisation, 2016

Panorama was created during a 5-week course about design service and User Experience in 2016 at l'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique.


The aim of the exercise was to design a service to help people start over their life. We decided to focus on young adults finishing school and people who want to find a new job.

Panorama users

Users don’t always know what they want to do: most of the time, they only know what they don’t want to do. We noticed that young adults are not always aware of the great amount of jobs and studies that they are able to do, often due to a lack of confidence. Indeed, in many people’s minds, apprenticeship and other short studies are dedicated to bad students. This negative image is making students reluctant to start those studies and therefore find their perfect job.

They also have preconceived ideas and are sometimes badly informed: « Being a doctor is impossible if I studied economics in high school ».

According to those observations, we wanted to design a service that would showcase the variety of jobs to users and suggest the perfect one, without judgment.

Allow students and young adults to find their perfect job without being judged.


Panorama is an efficient career guidance service which allows you to explore and discover plenty of jobs and schools according to your personality. It wil help you find out about career-related skills, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Panorama will help you create a life you're passionate about and get you instant access to unlimited career paths and jobs. With your career advisor or alone, you will get the help you need to find jobs, formations or schools. Thanks to its well-thought interfaces, Panorama will help you through your professional journey. In fact, looking for a job won't be a burden anymore.


Representing jobs is the main functionality of Panorama. This organic data visualisation categorizes all kind of jobs to help you find the one. Everytime you filter your search, it will be updated so that you can focus on jobs that suit you the best.

By answering simple question about your personality, your interest and your work behaviour, Panorama will be able to filter your search.


Find your dream job with your career advisor at school on tablets and desktop or alone at home on your phone.
If you want to learn more about this project, check this Behance project!

Project made with Valentine Milliand.