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Rakuten mobile cart: Simplify the ecommerce experience

Rakuten is an ecommerce marketplace based in Paris, France mostly selling high-tech and cultural items from professionnal or private sellers. When joining the platform fidelity club “Club R” users can get attractive cashback and other advantages depending on their purchase. Our concerns were that there was a lot of exits on the mobile cart page and the number of users buying without subscribing to the fidelity club was too high.

The Context

Rakuten’s mobile cart is an essential step in users experience. It is not only a place to keep items before paiement, it is also for users a page to compare and remember - strongly linked to the Wishlist feature.

The platform counts more than 10 millions members. It provides us loads of data but also a large diversity of user profiles. Working with data analyst and product owners made me able to create real life personae based on real numbers:

My role

My role on this project was to look for User Experience problems on the current service (ui, ux, technical bugs, flows) and define an action plan with the Product Owner. As a Product Designer, I conducted user tests to analyse user behaviors and suggest best practices with smooth interfaces. I organised user research exercices to validate interfaces. My role was also to defined batches & MVP with PO and stakeholders.

Main Problems

Analysing the existant tool and understanding its architecture helped me define problems and find solutions. Studying flows and our product analytics, I noticed few problems according to our users behaviors:

To sum things up, UI problems, bad robustness, user frustrations, bad information hierarchy lead to defective experience.


Design recommendations were to follow the Design System to update components, define priority on informations displayed, suggest more products and put forward the Club R advantages.

Improve overall navigation, modernize interfaces, create trust and show the plaform strength: the fidelity Club.

The Solution

Here is the overall solution from the add-to-cart action to the payment step. The new add-to-cart step allows to simplify information about warranty and create reassurance. It also suggests items that users may like. The mobile cart creates transparency around product, seller and delivery information. It also puts forward the Club R advantages.

The process

User Testings

I conducted short user testings to get qualitative information & personal opinions about the old mobile cart. I established hypothesis and pain points to test on different realistic users. I created two types of test: "Guided" tests & "Free" Tests :

Both tests were conducted with two differents items: a book (cultural item that is often not expensive), and a smartphone (expensive high-tech item). It allowed me to compare behaviors depending on item categories and prices.

Overall, feedbacks helped me validate my audit and understand that:


By studying other existing services I was able to determind actual (not always best) pratices for general cart experiences, steppers, product cards, coupons features and fees informations.

Creative tryouts

I started by brainstorming and creating quick solutions to share to the team. I tested my flows to get early feedbacks and improve the experience. I mainly used already existing components.


Using Design System components, I designed the new version of the mobile cart experience with:

Usability Tests

Using Maze tool I tested the prototype on users to see if the new experience was effective. The instruction was to buy a specific item. My main concerns were about the amount of information displayed on the cart. I asked if:

Results were quite good. It confirmed the necessity to conduct user tests before the project to get the best user behavior analysis possible. Sharing it with all the Rakuten teams allowed me to anticipate next features and create space for it.

Feedbacks helped me realize it was necessary to have a look around the Club R wording. My next step is to design different Club R toggles to fit new members goals but also expert.


This solution will be produced until we iterate and make a better version again. Next iterations will be about delivery options (with more and more partners) and payments details. The whole flow will have to be reviewed after every new feature release.

This project allowed me to develop my UX skills by doing user tests and communicate with a lot of differents stakeholders. It was also a good opportunity for me to demonstrate how important it is to test on users and get enough feedbacks to build a strong project.


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